Funny Ringtones Can Make Us Laugh Out Loud

As a society we are bombarded all day with the noise of cell phones, wouldn’t be nice to get a little chuckle out of them instead of getting annoyed, funny ringtones can do just that. We have entered a stage in our lives where the normal sound of a telephone or a cell phone for that matter, just is not very attractive. They are loud and annoying. Wouldn’t it be nice if when someone was calling that a beautiful melody or even singer’s voice blasted through your cell phone’s speakers rather than BEEEEEEEPPPPP or some other obnoxious noise? Well, that’s no problem because now we have ring tones. However, do you want to take it one step further and not only be pleased with the sounds that come out, but actually laugh too and have everyone around you laughing as well? Of course you do! That is why there are funny ringtones. Funny Fail Compilations

Funny ringtones are all the rage. It is nice when your favorite song comes on when you receive an incoming phone call on your cell phone, but it is nice to laugh especially unexpectedly. So what is included in the funny ringtone category? Just about anything that is funny. On a more serious note, these funny ringtones can include funny phrases from movies, jokes, funny songs, funny audio clips and funny sounds. For those of you out there that find it more convenient to have your phone on vibrate or silenced there is a solution for you too.

Many people are working or are in a noisy environment but you still want to know who is calling but you also want to be amused. Therefore, you can keep your ringer down low on silent of on vibrate and you can have funny flashes of light or funny pictures that dash across your cell phone screen. That’s right your cell phone can have a sense of humor on no matter which ring tone setting. It will always make you laugh out loud.

So where do you pick up these funny ringtones? Just about anywhere. You can do a Google search and type in funny ringtones and a slew of websites will pop up with downloading options for funny ringtones. If you want to be a real comedian with your cell phone ringtone, you can even create your own ringtone. That’s right, a specialized funny ringtone that only you will have because you are the creator of funny (at least in the cell phone world). You can go online to audio4fun.com and here you will be able to download a program that lets you mix and match sounds, songs, photos, audio clips, whatever, in to your own customized cell phone funny ringtone.

You will need to have an MP3 audio format on your cell phone to be able to use this funny ringtone application. What is nice about this website is that if you do not have time to make a funny ringtone or just know what you are looking for and no mixing is required, you can simply download a funny ringtone from their large collection at your convenience. They even have a free download section.



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